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October 21, 2012
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MLP Twilight Sparkle: Uber Magic Mode by mewtwo-EX MLP Twilight Sparkle: Uber Magic Mode by mewtwo-EX
Twilight Sparkle from S02E02, 13 minutes. "For them, for me, FOR EQUESTRIA!". Of course, she's not actually in Uber Magic Mode at that time, but while in the process of vectoring, I turned off the reference while the eyes were not done. This was pretty much the result. Twitter reviews were positive, so I added some magic shine to her horn and called it good. Normal version is here I'm trying to be show accurate, so please point out any issues!

Made in Illustrator. 2.5-ish hours to complete Twili, not including magic shine or error checking, but including eyes (not shown here obviously).


Vector trace for all parts but Cutie Marks by me. Cutie Mark by Hawk9mm

Thanks to SirCxyrtyx for error checking and the magic tutorial.

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: The AI file is here…. If you use either version, send/comment me a link to the finished product and give credit and link-back in the description. Thanks!

:iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:

MLP:FiM is a Hasbro property

MLP Twilight Sparkle: For Equestria by mewtwo-EX
Edit 2012/10/22: Better magic effect, eye glow and other fixes. Hope you like the new version! The old version is here…
Edit 2012/10/28: Figured out how to curve the cutie mark.
Edit 2013/09/14: Applied the "better tapers" to the front leg.
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Katangel6 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  New member
ll eyes glowing ll dont like it Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter 
jcieph3 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
darkoverlords Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
Praise Avatar Twilight Sparkle. =)
treehugger1101 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
could i get one without hair?
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Here you go:
The head is misshapen because hair is supposed to cover it. I'm not sure what you intended use-case is, so AA is off. Ideally you would just use/modify the AI file, rather than the PNG, but perhaps you don't have the program.

Anyway, have fun!
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
"... The notion that magic is the expression of our inherent 'life-force' is absurd. Do you know how much power is needed for some spells? If magic is life-force from within us we would burn ourselves out long before we would be able complete even the most mundane spells, like creating fireballs, or conjuring a meal from thin air, let alone high level ones."

"If you had actually bother to READ the books, or do your own studies, you would know that magic is an omnipresent natural phenomena that binds the four physical forces in the universe - strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity - as well as other phenomena like time and space together, a grand unifying force that allows them all the work in harmony together and create the reality as we know it. Every time you manipulate magic, you are in essence manipulating REALITY. You, Glimmerlight, did modules in Arcane Metaphysics, what are the three states of magic?"

[Glimmerlight: "Madam, the first state of Magic is Quiescence, where magic in a local area is in an inactive state, functioning in the background force supporting the existence of other forces of physics and cosmic functions, and can neither be detected or interacted with unless specifically evolved to. Second state of Magic is Wild state, where magic in a local area is active, existing in the foreground, occasionally at the expense of local reality. Third state of magic is Processed state, a purely artificial state where local magic in a local area is processed by organic lifeforms evolved in a magically saturated environment to channel and manipulate magic for their own purposes]

"Correct! All life in Equestria and this planet are evolved to manipulate magic, either indirectly or directly,to alter reality to a limited extent for our own purposes. It could be accurate to say that magic DRIVES our evolution, and the control of magic allows alteration of the laws of nature in the favor of the controlling organism, and therefore confers a significant advantage over their rivals." 

"Dragons, hydras and ursa majors for example are only able to grow to huge sizes and strength in defiance to the square-cube law is due to magic; as a defense mechanism, the Poisoned Joke plant can ward off herbivores via using magic to cause abnormal, unnatural and unpleasant alterations on animal bodies; pegasi can only walk on clouds, something normally impossible, because of magic!" 

"All life is specialized to harness it in different ways - colonies of silicate micro-organisms in the wild grow unique crystalline lattices to help trap magic for their own thaumasynthetic life-cycle, creating gemstones that we use and dragons eat. Organelles in our cells are evolved to be able to alter the sub-harmonic signatures of normally wild magic to a processed form, by gradually channeling it from the background, in tolerable amounts over time, until achieving desired effects, not as some convoluted pseudo-scientific 'life-force' that comes from inside ourselves. Magic is also responsible for why there are so many intelligent species on this world besides ourselves! Bright Spark, what is Professor Hawkwing's Theory of the Relationship of Magic and Evolution of Intelligence?"

[Bright Spark: "Madam, his theory proposes the model suggesting there is a direct relationship between intelligence and magic: in that the chance of complex organisms developing intelligence is directly proportional to the intensity of magic in the environment."]

"That's right! I dare to assume you all think that our animal ancestor's evolution into thinking, sentient ponies is inevitable - well it's WRONG! Intelligence could not survive without the right body to allow it to prosper, so if you do not have the correct appendages, intelligence would be a burden that burns of needed calories, and would had been kicked out by natural selection." 

"Notice something? Unlike griffons, minotaurs and dragons, we ponies don't have HANDS! Or claws, or talons! We do not have anything remotely close to a forelimb that could allow us to use tools properly, a hallmark and driver of intelligence. And using our mouths to use tools? Don't make me laugh. So by all logic, we should still be dumb animals, running around in herds eating grass and getting hunted by predators all day without an abstract thought in our heads! 

"Why then, did we become intelligent? Again, it is MAGIC! By evolving to be able to access magic, we start the process where natural selection favors individuals whose traits incurs greater intelligence, because greater intelligence allow organisms to use magic in more flexible and diverse ways! Magical spells you find in arcane tomes are merely memetic patterns that, once read, rewires our neurological pathways and subconsciously alter the sub-harmonics in magic being processed through our bodies, allowing us to 'cast' spells!"

"So why, then, do Equestria and its world have so much ambient magic? You, Star Streak, you took modules in Astronomy, what is the Rainbow Vortex?"

[Star Streak: "Madam, the Rainbow Vortex is a natural celestial object 50 light years from Equestria, measured 5 light years in diamater. My teacher described it as a Manaleph, a singularity of concentrated arcane energies where all laws of reality break down at the center and saturates the region of space around its vicinity with magical energies for light years. Experts have suggested our star system is right at the very edge of its area of effect."]

"Yes, and any closer our planet would had been uninhabitable. That thing, a random cosmic phenomena, is the reason why some laws of physics and even logic in Equestria is broken, like how without the Princesses, the Moon would not revolve around this planet and this planet won't turn or revolve around the Sun. It is the reason why life proliferate to such wild extremes on this planet, it is the reason why pegasi, unicorns and earthponies can connect and CONTROL the weather, the arcane, the earth and nature in order to survive and prosper!"

"So to conclude our current point - is magic our own inherent life force? NO, it is not! Remember this always, students, that magic is not the product of us, WE are the PRODUCTS of MAGIC! We are helpless, irrelevant users of this indifferent force of nature. Our very existence is dependent on it!

Learn to respect it, or it will disrespect YOU."

--- Professor Thauma, to students in a lecture at the Canterlot Royal Academy of Magic.
Trooper924 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014

"I remember a lecture on magic I attended when I was younger. The old professor ranted and rambled for an hour or two, citing theories, statistics and facts about magic, and at the end she said, 'We are the products of magic. We are helpless, irrelevant users of this indifferent force of nature. Our very existence is dependent on it. Learn to respect it, or it will disrespect you.' But I know now that she didn't respect magic. Not truly. She treated magic like it was some dimwitted animal from the Everfree--dangerous, but controllable. Not as the miracle that it is.

The atheists and apostates of the world continuously try to break down magic into rules and mathematical formulae because they are frightened of it. They have no faith. The non-believers reject the truth because they cannot bear to think that their 'scientists' and 'scholars of magic' might not have all the answers. Magic is a gift--a blessing from the Goddess--but they would rather shun that gift and stay in the dark where they do not have to fear the unknown."

---Priestess Arcana of The Neo-Concordian Cult.

[And just to reassure you, this has nothing to do with any actual religious beliefs on my part. I've just been replaying Bioshock: Infinite lately.]

BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
[Ha! Nicely done!]
Trooper924 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
[Nice! Though I think her "fear the unknown" line is a bit hypocritical, seeing as how the very act of breaking down magic--it any force--into formulae and theories is part of what helps us DISCOVER the unknown and understand it.]
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