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December 9, 2012


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Request status as of 02/18/2013 20:18:50 -5UTC
I'm :bulletred:Closed for new requests and commissions due to lack of time :(  Please check back later!  All current projects will be finished as soon as possible.

Currently, I'm only really interested in doing MLP-related vector stuff, but this may change in the future.  This post will be updated to reflect the most up-to-date information.  Here's the dirt!

I define requests as something you want, and I would find fun doing.  These will be FREE, but timing is not guaranteed.  If you want me to focus solely on your request, finish it in a certain (short) amount of time, and/or not post it to my account, then it would be a commission.  It would also be a commission if I don't find the subject matter particularly interesting, but don't mind doing it.  Pricing for these can be discussed if/when it comes up.

:bulletred: Please, only one object (pony, resource, etc.) at a time.  This allows me to work on projects from many people.  Exceptions to this rule can be discussed for very interesting projects.
:bulletred: Timing for requests is not guaranteed, and they will generally be finished in the order they were received.  Commissions receive higher priority than requests.
:bulletred: When college is in session, real work takes priority.  Expect requests to take about a week.  During breaks, turnaround may be as short as 1-2 days.

What I need from you
:bulletyellow: A reference file.  This could be a screenshot or sketch, or full-blown piece of art (that you have the rights to and that I can verify).
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: If you provide a pose that you didn't draw or create, the original artist must have a dA account, and I must be linked there to ask permission.  I have been burned once, I don't intend to be burned again.
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: I'm pretty rubbish at drawing pony bodies from scratch myself, so a reasonable reference is a must.  As long as I have something to go on, we should be fine.
:bulletyellow: For OCs: A source file that shows your pony's general colors and style.  This could be a sketch, crude MSPaint drawing, color swatches, pretty much anything.  Alternatively, you can describe the colors and styling in detail.
:bulletyellow: A description of what you want.  This is important.  I'm not psychic, contrary to what Pokemon I like would imply, so describe what you want done.  If you want special effects added where they aren't in the reference, list them here as well.  Examples are horn glow or eye glow, extra gradients, shading, etc.
:bulletyellow: Your usage policy for any OCs.  By default, the AI source and a high resolution PNG will be posted to my page.  You can limit this sharing by saying "don't post the AI source", "post a low-res PNG", etc. if you desire.
:bulletyellow: By requesting an OC or custom resource from me, you acknowledge that I have the right to post and use the created image to advertise my services.  However, I respect your pony, and won't use it for anything else without your permission.  You will also be clearly linked to in the description of every post.  If you don't agree to this, the project will have to be a commission.

What you get from me
:bulletblue: Several progress reports.
:bulletblue: The vector file in AI format.  It's PDF compatible so you can open it in Adobe Reader for high quality printing.
:bulletblue: SVG is available by request.  Note that I work in CS6, so sometimes an SVG may not directly import into Inkscape depending on effects.
:bulletblue: A high resolution PNG.  Other file formats are available by request.
:bulletblue: Unlimited reuse of the image for your own non-commercial purposes!  Post it to your account!  (Just don't claim that you made it ;).  Link-back would be appreciated.)

How to request
:bulletgreen: Send me a note with links and text.  Please include the icon :iconderpy-bopplz: iconderpy-bopplz (put colons around it) to show that you've read this stuff.
:bulletgreen: I'll reply ASAP with my opinion on the source material.  If I like it, I'll start working on it in my free time.  I will probably have questions, so keep checking that inbox!
:bulletgreen: To discuss real-time progress, we can share Skype info.  Otherwise, I'll send you a note when it's done.
:bulletgreen: I would appreciate info in how you use it, so keep in touch!

How to track your request
:bulletpurple: On my main page, there's a Request Status box.  An image of where to find it can be seen here, or you can click here to go directly there.

:bulletpurple: This box is updated as often as I have status updates while I'm working on vectors.
:bulletpurple: The box below it is the color key for the pips.  Give this a look to understand what everything means.

Completed requests
:bulletblue: MLP Resource: Fairy-Light Lamp Post by mewtwo-EX for PonyCardGame on 02/25 after 21 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Raven by mewtwo-EX for Otterro on 02/25 after 41 days
:bulletblue: MLP OCs: Shadow and Haley's OC by mewtwo-EX for JaydenSargent on 01/29 after 17 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Failure by mewtwo-EXfor [Withheld] on 01/23 after 20 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Blackwing by mewtwo-EX for DeathCobraEater on 01/17 after 15 days
:bulletblue: MLP Resource: Cake + Sugar Cutie Mark by mewtwo-EX for ErickatheCat on 01/12 after 17 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Orange Cane Epic Hug by mewtwo-EX for WillowTails on 01/07 after 12 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Shadow Thorn by mewtwo-EX for thekittylover on 01/01 after 7 days
:bulletblue: MLP: Fluttershy and Angel flying by mewtwo-EXMLP: Angel Bunny wants a hug by mewtwo-EX for grandmoonma on 12/27 after 3 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Moxie Fyre by mewtwo-EX for Spacetchi on 12/25 after 4 days
:bulletblue: for DeerMoon on 12/21 after 2 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC Resource: Silverquill's Cutie Mark by mewtwo-EX for vallanar12 on 12/20 after 2 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Strength (Dry version) by mewtwo-EXMLP OC: Strength (Damp version) by mewtwo-EX for MySecretLife11 on 12/20 after 2 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Galaxy Star by mewtwo-EX for Doodle-Kat on 12/18, after 5 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC Resource: Darkburst's Cutie Mark by mewtwo-EX for ShadowofaDemon88 on 12/18, after 3 days
:bulletblue: MLP OC: Ginger Snap by mewtwo-EX for MartyMurray on 12-10, after 1 day
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WindAeris Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
*waits with baited breath*

;~ ;
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I wouldn't suggest'll die of oxygen deprivation!

It's highly doubtful I'll reopen :/ Other things take up all my time.
WindAeris Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Aww, okay.
LooneyTunerIan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I got some requests. Involves some BG thingies.
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
Sorry...I can't at this time. Check the top of this post to see if and when I open back up.
MYL0XYL0T0 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Hello! When you open, Would you mind messaging me? I am not a great artist and I need a great OC picture!
I do hope you can help me.
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
I can't unfortunately, as I'm not tracking who is requesting info on requests. If I did that, it would essentially be like I was still open with an unlimited queue length. I hope you understand.

That said, keep checking back. When I decide to open again, it'll show here and on my main page.
MYL0XYL0T0 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Very well. I just tried to make my Oc and I...well....failed. I'm not quite sure what vectoring really is. I thought it was fixing OC's and well.... making them prettier.
mewtwo-EX Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Give #MLP-VectorClub a look. There are tutorials that tell you what a vector is.
MYL0XYL0T0 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
[link] I see how it works now, Can you please color Flitter's Mane A Camel shade of brown. and her body a Kaki-yelowish color. Thank you.
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